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We are Hasuriso, and this is our brand story

Print design has always been part of Jay and Vivian‘s lives. As kids in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jay would draw things on the wall in his parents’ house while Vivian would devour every book and encyclopaedia she could find from her father’s book collection. Then when were in their teen years and still living separate lives as strangers, they both discovered their true potentials. By the time Jay was seventeen, he developed a thing for art and went on to pursue graphic design in college. For Vivian, she remembers the poems she used to write when she was fifteen going on sixteen.

It was a vacation together in Taiwan that helped them see the potential of risography as an art style and then later with a teaching stint in Macao, Jay was certain that it could become a valuable addition to their graphic design studio’s offerings. As an adjunct lecturer of publication and branding subjects, Jay‘s travels have exposed him to trends and also allowed him to participate in meaningful conversations with people who are in the design circle. During his time in Macao, a studio owner whom he befriended there welcomed him to try out his risograph machine and he was convinced. On his return, he discussed with Vivian the need to create awareness on risograph printing among their peers and clients. Just the thought of having a new way to print their graphics had already sparked a series of themed artworks, which will get printed using risograph for their inaugural poster exhibition this year.

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